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Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Introduces New Wide Input Voltage Buck Regulator

Release time:2016-04-20

LLC introduced two new frequency may increase the DC-DC step-down switching regulators that integrate a high-side power MOSFET, ideally meet the latest infotainment system power requirements. Allegro's A8586 with up to 2.5A of output current, while the A8587 maximum output current of 2.0A. Both products are in line with AEC-Q100 requirements, and integrated current-mode control for fast transient response.Both devices have a wide input voltage range of 3.8V to 36V, suitable for a variety of buck applications including automotive input environment. Low 30μA quiescent current in favor of battery-powered "keep alive" application. Both products are specifically designed to robustly handle the maximum rated voltage of 40V load dump , and having a rated voltage of 3V UVLO idling - stalling  and cold crank condition.

 In PWM mode, the new voltage regulators can be maintained in a wide load range of high efficiency, and because the load is reduced and integrated pulse frequency adjustment (PFM) function, which reduces light load switching and gate drive losses. A8586 and A8587 devices are integrated frequency foldback  function to prevent inductor current runaway during startup and to provide better pressure differential  performance. Both products protect the safety and soundness of a wide range of features include pulse by pulse current limit, hiccup mode  short circuit protection, open / short freewheeling diode (freewheel diode) protection, BOOT open / short voltage protection, VIN undervoltage lockout and overtemperature shutdown. A8587 also has a negative power-on reset function to indicate is in regulation and unregulated  state.

  By integrating frequency , freewheeling diode soft turn-off, as well as well-controlled switching slope  function, A8586, A8586-2 and A8587 can help improve EMC performance. By using a 4MHz oscillator, these devices can operate in AM or switch ADSL and other EMI sensitive frequency bands outside the area. A8586-1 device to disable conversion function, A8586-1 and A8586-2 devices will have the option to disable PFM function.

  A8586 and A8587 devices are for the automotive and industrial markets, including infotainment, central control area and dashboards, advanced driver assistance systems , and a warning display , industrial control and applications such as battery-powered systems. A8586 devices using industry-standard DFN-10 or SOIC-8 package, A8587 is used DFN-10 package. Both devices are now in volume production.